Samantha’s Favorite Upper Body Sequence

Sam is a new yoga teacher. She comes to one of my advanced yoga classes each week. She likes to push her limits but wants to do so in a safe way. She wants to have strength through range of motion and wants to maintain her flexibility as she builds strength. She has...

Amanda’s Favorite Hip Sequence

Amanda is a new regular in my morning classes. She is a runner and has tight hamstrings, IT bands and calves. She loves slowing down in her yoga practice and feels it is the perfect complement to her running practice. Here is one of her favorite sequences to help...


There are a number of obscure letters after my name that you may not be familiar with. So let me break them all down for you.   C-IAYT The International Association of Yoga Therapists was founded in 1989 by Larry Payne, PhD and Richard Miller, PhD. I have had the...

Lasting pain relief. #bepainfree

About Christina

If you are in pain you do not need an expert to tell you it is a complex experience and impacts all aspects of your life. What I offer is a comprehensive therapy for pain treatment and management. Using a suite of complementary therapies like deep tissue massage, therapeutic movement, and meditation you and I will find the right mix to provide you lasting pain relief.

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